9pm EST, 6pm CST


Why is the website empty?
I only have products available when there is a preorder running. 

I saw something on your Instagram I really like! Do you have any extras?
Possibly! I usually put leftovers up a few times a year. However, I don't order many extras. If you see something, preorder it!

How long until I have my order?
Almost everthing is preorder. Average production time is 6 weeks. Please allow up to 8 weeks! Your patience doesn't go unnoticed!

How will I know when my order ships?
You should receive an email (same email address the Order Confirmation goes to) with tracking info. The tracking email goes out as soon as I print the shipping label.

Who does your design work? 
I typically do everything myself.

Do you accept artwork commissions? 
Sometimes! It depends on my work schedule. Doesn't hurt to ask though.

What kind of tees do you print on?
Usually Comfort Colors. I have been using LA Apparel as well for certain drops. 

Are the shirts screen printed?
Always screen printed! 

Will you be at any Conventions?
I'm hoping to do shows in the PA, NJ area this year. I will post info on Instagram if I am able to attend anything. 

What are you doing next?
Follow me on Instagram!